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Rich Vos’ “Still Empty Inside”
Nate Rankin | Dec 15, 2011

Rich Vos’ opening mantra of “I Don’t Like ‘Em” is the theme for his latest album Still Empty Inside. Partnering with Cringe Humor, this is Vos’ third CD. He’s a regular guest on The Opie and Anthony Show, he’s made multiple appearances on late night TV, placed third in the first season of Last Comic Standing and tours regularly across the country. Vos recorded his latest CD in North Carolina. It features many stories both fictional and non-fictional as well as Vos’ keen ability to work the crowd mixing humor, bitterness and shared experience.

In the first half of the show, Vos ditches a traditional form of stand-up. His performance becomes less about him and instead centers around the interactions he makes with complete strangers in the crowd. As you might guess, Vos decides he doesn’t like anybody he talks to throughout the performance. He delves into very familiar territory among stand-up comedians with topics ranging from airports, smoking, family, and marital relationships. Yet despite what seems to be a grouping of trite topics, Vos’ humor is original and incisive due to his cunning ability to adlib at a moment’s notice. At the mention of his hometown, Newark, New Jersey a few cheers are lofted up from the crowd. “That’s why I hate where I’m from,” he responds quickly.

In the second half, he delves into his personal life discussing his love for his three daughters, his sobriety from alcohol and drug addiction, and stories from his dark past. It is here that Rich’s comedy is at its best. As a man who is 25 years sober, he has the ability to expose himself to the audience with frank honesty one minute, and seconds later snap off a wisecrack that launches the mood from a touching set-up to raucous laughter. At one point he makes mention of his OCD, and about his inability to read health information on the Internet. He jokes that, “for a month I thought I needed a hysterectomy.”

Vos transitions from these stories to professing his distaste with people and verbally jabbing with the crowd. He has no trouble telling tales of his crazy ex-girlfriend, his gay drug dealers or the time a list of his sexual inadequacies was caught by a neighbor.
Vos is a true comic’s comic. A deeply flawed man who takes the stage out of a need for catharsis. One might surmise that he is simply another northeastern morose Jew driven to comedy out of angst and neuroses. Early on he comments, “It took a lot of hard work but we (Jews) are the most hated race in the world.” Yet Vos is much deeper than that. His comedy is driven not by bitterness, but by the sincerity of his flaws.

The verdict? Contrary to Vos’ mantra, we not only like him we love him! Still Empty Inside is available on here. You can also follow Vos on Twitter @RichVos.

The Cringe Humor Review Of Still Empty Inside
Patrick Milligan | December 14, 2011

The Cringe Humor Review Of Still Empty Inside Any comedian who can put an hour’s worth of material on an album deserves credit. You are basically retiring those jokes from your act and selling it to your fans. The challenge then lies in coming up with a new hour of jokes to make sure those fans keep coming back for more. Rich Vos releasing Still Empty Inside is a true testament to his work ethic as this is now his third full CD release – on top of a DVD.

The running theme of the album is hatred. Vos jokingly observes the hatred he has towards himself, his family, and of course every one else he runs into. His legendary crowd work skill is also peppered throughout all 57 minutes of the release.

Vos is fearless on stage when it comes to tackling racial issues. He flawlessly picks apart interracial dating, all while working over a black audience member. He segues into comparing the plight of the Jews to the black race and how both races are hated throughout the world. He later touches on his youngest daughter wanting a black baby of her own.
Still Empty Inside is perhaps the deepest Vos has ever been in his act. He freely discusses his phobias, his drug addiction days, his addictive personality, resentments and so much more. Nothing is greater than watching an established performer like Vos become vulnerable. He openly shares some cringe inducing stories from his life that are both hilarious and true.

Other highlights include Vos describing sex with Bonnie, meeting her family up in Canada, his 25 year journey of sobriety, and a hilarious interaction with a female audience member that has one arm larger than the other.

The title of the album eludes to the many ways he has tried to fill the empty void in his soul. Let’s hope he keeps at it by treating us all to more of his great comedy

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